Date Founded: 16th August 2005

Founded By: Sarah Lamb (nee Blow)

Aim: To inspire a new generation of technologists & support those in the industry at present.

Girl Geek Dinners was founded by Sarah Lamb on the 16th August 2005 and the first event was held in London at the Texas Embassy.  It had 35 people attend from a range of technical backgrounds.

Men are invited to attend Girl Geek Dinners by female attendees – this is because everyone is influential in making the IT sector a positive place for women to be. We encourage schools, colleges & universities and their students as well as those in the industry.

We have held over 1000 events worldwide to date in over 100 cities and 38 countries, some as one off events and others as more regular events.

Our speakers have been some of the most amazing women in the IT sector and we look forward to delivering more events in the future.

We are looking to submit for charitable status in the UK this year and already have this status in the Netherlands.