Monthly Archive: July 2012

Jul 24

A gathering of glorious gadgets…and their makers

“We are all quite geeky, but it's a nice mix of experts and non-experts.” The group is an offshoot of Girl Geek Dinners, which began as a networking opportunity for women in IT. “We are trying to get as many girls and women as possible to get…

Jul 18

What the most influential women in IT had to say

As with Winmill, stereotyping genders was raised by Fiona Capstick, vice president of Blue Harmony IBM who said when she started out her career as a computer operator management would only allow one girl working per shift: "Because more than one ….

Jul 13

A Corner of Melbourne Where Entrepreneurs Can Find Inspiration

So apart from providing the space, Inspire9 runs community events and meetups, including Ruby Melbourne, Python Melbourne, WordPress Melbourne, and Girl Geek Dinners. Just the weekend before, they held the Social Media Melbourne Unconference in …See …

Jul 10

First Women Awards: Winner's story

If I were going to use my recent win as a platform to speak to girls considering a career in technology my first piece of advice above all else would be for them to have confidence in their value. Today's young women need to have more self-belief a…

Jul 10

Men Need To Sponsor Women In STEM Industries For Job Creation, Economic

Facebook Director of Engineering Jocelyn Goldfein said recently at a Girl Geek Dinner, “Many opportunities and openings and positions happen in these informal ways of senior people kicking names around… When we see opportunities to help or you see …

Jul 06

'Girl geeks' lead nominees for Philly's Geek of the Year

"I'm just going to take it that it means it's pretty freakin' awesome," said Tristin Hightower, Geek of the Year nominee and co-founder of Girl Geek Dinners, a networking group for women in tech. "[It shows] that women are ma…